Tucson Arizona Museums That Would Make For Great Adventures

When you think of Tucson AZ, what comes to mind? You might first think of natural attractions, the desert and mountains and beautiful hiking trails. That is certainly one of the biggest draws of Tucson, but there are other great places of interest and attractions, too, including wonderful museums. Have you been to any of the top museums in Tucson AZ?

The Museum of the Horse Soldier is one of those places. Its location is 6541 East Tanque Verde Road. This is one unique military museum, and it has only been there since 2013. Its a newer museum full of history and engaging exhibits. This history lesson when touring this place is one of a kind, and people say there are great artifacts. The Museum of the Horse Soldier might be one of the first museums you want to visit when you are in Tucson AZ.

If you like cars, you are going to want to stop by the Franklin Museum, too. There is a bonus when you visit this museum because there is a private collection of historical artifacts, too. Then there is Pima Air & Space Museum, and it is one of the top museums to visit in Tucson as well. You and yours will have a wonderful time getting to see all the aircraft there.

Get ready for this next unique adventure. It is The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures. Located at 4455 East Camp Lowell Drive, this place is described as magical. It would certainly be a one of a kind experience. There are all kinds of miniature rooms and scenes set up, and there is what’s called a Fairy Tree. This amazing collection of exhibits is said to be great for all ages. Are you ready to stop by The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures?

The International Wildlife Museum is another stop to make in Tucson. Then the is the Children’s Museum Tucson as well. There are more museums in The Old Pueblo than just the ones mentioned. Make it by as many of them as you can. You might also want to stop by the Arizona State Museum and the Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block. There is also the Tucson Desert Art Museum. Talk about some really unique adventures that await you. That time machine museum and the air and space museum sound like two must visits and great places to get started.